The best teachers in any classroom are always the best students.                                                                                                       an old maxim of the schoolhouse

I’m sure this has happened to you. You got stuck in a class with a teacher who had no imagination, no enthusiasm, didn’t care about the subject, didn’t care whether you learned anything or not, and you knew this teacher didn’t want to be there. And because of that, you didn’t want to be there either. Not only did he or she bore you, worse is that you didn’t learn a thing. You did get frustrated, though.

But if you ever took a class with a good teacher who reached out to you, and you were ready for how she or he would help you in your efforts to learn all that you could, it more than made up for all the rotten teachers you were ever forced to endure. (How often did you find yourself in classes with good teachers?)

You don’t need teachers – even good teachers – if you really want to learn. Good teachers will surely help you learn more than you might without them but you don’t need them if you’re curious and if your zeal for work never stops.

If you ever wanted to learn something bad enough, did you learn it even if you didn’t have a teacher? You taught yourself, didn’t you? You became your own teacher. When you ran into the inevitable difficulties rife in any subject or craft, did you let them stop you? How do you think good teachers overcome the difficulties that face them? What is a good teacher?

Good teachers know that they can’t reach perfection, yet they strive for it anyway. Their curiosity is matched only by their enthusiasm, and this is what the students learn from them. Good teachers don’t prepare students for tests because to them a knack for passing tests is not important. They know that students who are truly engaged with their work don’t fear tests and aren’t concerned with grades because mastering the subject is their goal.

Good teachers love the subjects they teach and work to get the students to love them as much as they love them. The best teachers inspire students by their own example because they’re constantly working to be the best students they can possibly be. More, they want the students who take their classes to become even better students than they themselves are and they do everything they can to help them become that. That’s what good teachers do.